The North Cascades Basecamp’s Ecology Center is a family run lodge and cabin located in Mazama, Washington.  They offer a wide variety of activities and gatherings in support of the Basecamp’s mission, "to inspire and cultivate connections to the natural world through art, education, and field study programs".  We are offering many a programs this summer to honor our passions and love for the natural world.  

In celebration of spring migrants, join our spring Migratory Bird Festival, which offers exhibits and tours for birders of all abilities.  Come enjoy our Thursday Community Soup and Presentation Series from 5:30-7:30pm throughout the winter months, where local naturalists and biologists will highlight northwest issues and subjects such as wolverines of the Cascades, owls of the Methow Valley, edible and medicinal plants, geology, restoration, live raptors, and bats of North Central Washington. The Basecamp also hosts art workshops and retreat such as the Art of Nature with Hannah Hinchman and Bruce Thompson, Expeditionary Plein-Air Watercolor with Maria Coryell-Martin,  and painting classes throughout the seasons with John Adams. See the North Cascades Basecamp’s website for a description of the Ecology Center’s upcoming events