Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Chicks

 We have a new set of chicks here at the Basecamp this summer, and we've been having fun watching them grow.  They are now 6 weeks old, and integrating well into the flock of 1 1/2 yr old hens we already have.  We had a beautiful Barred Rock rooster (hence the 6 black&white chicks) who graciously gave DNA to all our hens, however none of them wanted to sit on eggs.  So without a hen willing to do the job, we borrowed "Broody Mama" from our friends the Bard family in Twisp.  She willingly took our dozen fertilized eggs, sat on them for the exact 21 days, and successfully hatched eight chicks.  As a mother, she takes her job very seriously protecting her chicks and letting them forage first on the array of leftovers from Basecamp guests and the family garden harvest.  Hopefully we'll get hens out of the batch of chicks;  too young to know yet.  All eggs from our girls go into our meals here at the Basecamp, and we love that orange color and bold flavor you don't get from store-bought eggs.

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