Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Ecology Center Classroom!

When the Roberts family owned the Basecamp, Dick built a workshop as a place to finish projects of his own and focus on his varied interests. Several years ago, Kim and Steve happily realized the many opportunities the space provides, and thus, a new project was born at Basecamp. 
Even Mica the dog
tried to get in on the action
Owners, employees, interns, friends, a contractor, and Mica the dog to boot were vital in changing the space to one as versatile to host yoga retreats, weekly Thursday lecture series, art retreats, and hopefully some movie nights throughout the winter!Our beloved contractor, Andy, helped everyone find their inner carpenter and painter. 
Andy demonstrating the 
proper grouting technique

As the new marketing intern freshly back West from New York City, I was excited to get right to work; there was certainly many new skills to learn. After clearing out the workshop, the walls, ceiling, insulation, floors, wiring, and heating needed attention. 
New skill: mixing colors for plaster
During the process, friends from near and far stopped in to see and help with this meaningful project assisting employees with all aspects of the work. Catherine, the biology intern, had a visit from her boyfriend, Dan. He excitedly jumped right to work helping her cement beautiful ceramic tiles! Thanks Dan!
Dan helped us lay tiles and Methow River Rocks


Swirls of tile started the mosaic
 With the lighting installed and the walls finished, the final touch was leveling the cement floor and laying bamboo wood.   

Kim and Steve led the group in problem solving throughout the entire experience, and the flooring was no different. With some help from friends and neighbors, and the drive for completion, the classroom was finished just in time for Susan Prichard's presentation on native insects of the Methow Valley on last Thursday! 
Thursday's group gathered for Susan's presentation
With the lighting dimmed for her slideshow, it felt so satisfying to see lecturing and learning happening in the refinished Classroom.  

Here's to much more learning, and laughter all year long.   
Happy New Years!

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