Thursday, May 16, 2013

Methow Valley Elementary School Field Trips

Methow Valley Elementary School kids spent the last month studying science here at the North Cascades Basecamp.  2nd graders spent 2 field days studying ecosystems and the 'Life of a Log', while the 3rd graders spent another 2 field days studying plant growth and development in nature.  We all had a blast, school teachers, chaparones, science leaders, and 50 kids per day walking in the woods, studying nature in depth, and performing and teaching to their fellow peers all about what they learned.

Here are a few photo highlights from 2nd grade studying Ecosystems:  
team building a log ecosystem

learning the life of the down log

learning out of doors

magnifying an insect

studying the root ball
presenting with staff in hand
team building exercises
what does it taste like?

riparian ecosystem studies
Photo highlights from 3rd grade field trip studying Plant Growth and Development:
studying the parts of a flower

magnifying the stamen

graphing tree age and diameter
counting tree rings

growth of a tree
making cordage from cedar

graphing creations
a walk across the bridge in the forest

drinking fir needle tea

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